The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya
Promoting Peace, Justice, National Unity, Dignity, Healing and Reconciliation Among The People of Kenya

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Finance and Administration Unit

George Balozi - Dir Finance & AdminThe Finance and Administration Unit provides logistical and administrative support to the Commission. It coordinates the preparation and management of the Commission’s budget and finance. The Finance and Administration Unit is composed of several Sub-units including human resources, finance and accounting, procurement, and security.

Director's Brief Bio

George M Balozi is a dynamic, professional with over 15yrs, progressive experience in both government and non-governmental organizations; with strong leadership, interpersonal and organisational skills. Having worked with various Governmental agencies  ,and Non Governmental agencies.

Currently, heading the Finance and Administration department in the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. Mr.Balozi has  a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Nairobi, Bachelors of Arts degree , from Kenyatta University. A Diploma in Human Resource Management, from the Kenya Insitute of Management, Senior Management, degree from the School of Government, and Management Course from ESAMI. Mr. Balozi is a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management Kenya.

Mr. Balozi has expertise in, Budgeting, Resource mobilization, Human Resources Systems Design and Implementation, Recruitment and Selection, Compensation & Benefits Management , Employee Welfare & Labour Relations, Performance Management,    Policy & Procedures development, and implementation. Institutional procurement, project management, fleet, security, and travel operations management.