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Special Support Services Unit

Section 27 of the TJR Act provides that the Commission may put in place special arrangements and adopt specific mechanisms and procedures to address the experiences of women, children, persons with disabilities (PWD), and other vulnerable groups. The Special Support Unit is one such institutional mechanism established within the organizational structure of the Commission to ensure that the experiences of these vulnerable groups are consistently and adequately addressed in all the processes of the Commission. In particular, the objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Address the specific experiences of women, children, people with disability and other vulnerable groups;
  • Pay particular attention to gender based violations;
  • Enhance accessibility to the Commission;
  • Ensure that witnesses and their families are treated with dignity, compassion, minimum inconvenience, privacy and protection; and
  • Ensure that witnesses are able to communicate with the Commission in the language of their choice.

The Special Support Unit is headed by a Director who leads a team of four officers; two witness support officers and two gender officers.

In fulfilling its mandate, the Special Support Unit has collaborated and entered into partnerships with various agencies including the Kenya Red Cross, the Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) and the Gender Violence Centre of the Kenyatta National Hospital.